Like some of our other patients, you may have been told that you’re not a good candidate for dental implants because of a weak or thin jawbone. Dr. Kuzi Hsue has good news for you! Our Tukwila mini dental implants make it possible to get new teeth in situations where standard implants won’t work. These smaller dental implants:

  • Require less healthy bone to fuse with
  • Will make biting and chewing easier
  • Can restore your confidence with a full smile
  • Can last for many years with great performance
  • Will help keep your jawbone healthy

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Dental implants are titanium posts that Dr. Hsue can insert into your jawbone. After a period of healing, your new implants will be fully fused with your bone and ready to support new teeth. Some people, however, are not good candidates for traditional implants because they require a sufficient amount of healthy bone for proper fusing.

That’s where mini implants come in. If your jawbone is weak and a bone graft procedure is not an option for you, then mini implants can be used in place of standard-sized implants. These small posts offer you all the advantages of standard implants, including keeping your jawbone strong and healthy. Implants, whether standard or mini, improve your jawbone health by reducing jawbone deterioration over time, which helps preserve your facial structure.

Mini teeth implants are designed similarly to their larger counterparts, but their smaller size means that:

  • They need less bone material for the fusing process (known as osseointegration)
  • The procedure to place them is simpler and less invasive
  • Your healing will be quicker and more comfortable

When your mini implants are ready to anchor your new teeth, you may have several options available, including dental crowns, implant bridges, and implant dentures.

Get your teeth back using Tukwila mini dental implants. Contac us today at 425-430-9099 to schedule your consultation.

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